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10 Tips for Styling Your Perfect Hamptons Dining Table | Prime Furniture

Did you know that a 20-year research project done in America, Europe, and Australia revealed that family dinners have a striking impact on the brain, the body, and the spirit? Splendid!

The conversations and sharing of family members over meals nourish vocabulary boosts for the children, healthy food consumption, and flourishing well-being. Mealtimes are magical, indeed.

And in a Hamptons-inspired home that prioritizes connection-based relationships for its relaxed but luxed atmosphere, the fitting venue for this regular momentous family gathering is the dining table of the dining room. The social power of dining furniture to influence the quality of family meals is unquestionable.

In this article, I will guide you through the steps of choosing and buying a Hampton-style dining table that is perfect for your household culture of commensal.

A piece of dining furniture is an investment. So, take the time to research and think about a functional and memorable table for generations in your family.

Consider the aggregate and lifestyle of your kinsfolk.

Before proceeding to the store, be it physical or online, consider how many family members are in the family. There were dining tables for 4 or 8 people.

Also, know the future usages of your table. It could become your multi-functional platform, not only dedicated to dining. If you have children, they may do their homework and art activities on it. Working from home may also allow you to punch a clock in the dining room. Moreover, the entertainer that you are may invite friends and relatives over dinner.

Record also the average seating height of the members. You would not want to eat on a table that is too low or too high. That would cause posture and health problems in the long run.

Thinking about these concerns will help you in the next step.

Survey your banqueting space.

Check the dimensions of the dining room: length and width. Then, leave 42- 48 inches between the tablespace and the walls to ensure the comfortable movement of the diners. Also, remember that a single person requires a 24-inch seating capacity.

Cherry-pick your table shape.

Once you determine the dimensions of your supping range, you will determine its shape and the total area. The lunching room can be in rectangle or square. It can also be a large or small zone.

Whatever the case, bear the following interior design rules.

You may also contemplate the psychology behind the shapes of the dining table.

A rectangular table elicits a sense of power, authority, and leadership. The head seats are for the heads of the household who assume command inside the house. And sometimes, when there are family decisions, everyone sits and negotiates at this table.

A square or circular table, on the other hand, generates a sense of equality, fairness, and intimacy. When seated, everyone can see each other without shifting heads to the left or right.

If you consider the core characteristics of Hamptons as casual, welcoming, inviting, yet luxurious, anything in irregular shapes or curves would support this kind of atmosphere.

But, as mentioned in a previous article, Hamptons is not strict and rigid with rules. You can produce a friendly dining room with the right amount of balance in elements.

Pay regard to the foothold.

It is not only the top surface that is essential in choosing Hamptons dining pieces. You may look into the base of the table.

There are different types of table bases: single post, pedestal, trestle, and four-legged.

For a Hamptons-style dining table, the standard is a pedestal and a trestle table base for circular or rectangular tables.

It is the case because these tables allow more legroom while maintaining a graceful and stylish self-presentation. Mind you, Hamptons opt for a comfortable and cultivated lifestyle.

Factor in a Hamptons Dining Table that Transcends Generations

If you like a table that can cut across millenniums, choose a material that withstands the test of time. It is only solid wood that has the desired durability.

And you have a lot of options to choose from the rich variations of wood: pine, walnut, oak, and mango.

You will never go wrong with the natural tone of a timber touch.

Take a dekko at the wooden facade.

The presentation and style of the wooden material are essential in playing the texture of your Hamptons-inspired dining room.

Three styles may fit your Hamptons house.

Natural Edge
This style loves the natural and raw beauty of the wood. The maker "left it untouched and preserved" for added "character and authenticity."

This vintage type of table has a "weathered or textured wood surface." It gives you the liberty to paint or apply patina on it to match Hampton's color scheme.

If you are eco-friendly and sustainable, reclaimed wood is perfect for you without sacrificing the quality and look of your Hamptons house. The grain of the reclaimed wood table is denser than the raw ones. That is why it is exceptional and suits a dining table.

Now that you can identify your dream Hamptons dining table, let us proceed to its styling.

Complete the set with your Hamptons dining chairs

Do not limit yourself with the sets of selection for dining seats. Remember, Hamptons does not favor matchy-matchy. You can add contrasting features of the chairs in terms of the material and shape.

Wicker chairs made out of rattan and cane are perfect options. Never restrain yourself in trying blue-shaded upholstered seats for the feasting area. Choose the color that will suit the overall room design.

You can also combine single chairs with wicker benches. Whatever suits the comfortability and size of the room.

Most of the time, in rectangular tables, curved-shaped backrest or legs is phenomenal.

Always remember Hamptons loves clean lines. Never choose highly ornate or decorated chairs.

Add more extravagance with Hamptons-style chandeliers.

To make a statement on your dining table, you may hang light fixtures above the dining table. It is the jewelry that creates the opulent image of your room.

You do not need a formal dining party to install them. You can incorporate them for a glamorous and sheer transformation.

Inspire your dining room with the magnificence of designer rugs.
Another way of adorning your dining table is to pick your dining rug. It will add texture and a sense of splendor to your gourmet room.

In choosing the perfect rug, always get the best big size. It means you need to measure the table and then add 60 cm to all sides. That would be the measurement of your rug. The key here is when you pull a chair, it should not go over the edge of your hearthrug.

You can also experiment with the shapes. If you have a round table, that does not mean you should have a circular floorcloth.

Consider the material of the rug, too. You can have wool, silk, jute, or sisal rugs. Layering your dining table and chairs would add a more inviting atmosphere to your Hamptons dining room.

Fashion it with an enthralling centerpiece.

Do not bore your dining table with a bare look. Add a flowery or greenery in vases with chinoiserie designs or urn vases.

It is also an opportunity to mix something old, like antique brass, aluminum, or metallic flower homes.

Table linen or cotton would also add some layers and texture to it. Make it your friend.

In conclusion...

The dining table in a Hamptons-inspired house is one of the essential pieces of furniture. Without it, you may never pull off the complete Hamptons look in and out of your home. And without a dining table, your classic family tradition of sharing fun and, sometimes, lonely experiences over communal food would be impossible.

Find the right set of dining tables and chairs for your family and lifestyle with this simple guide, and you will find yourself enthralled by the magical moment of family bond without worrying about the comfort and warmth of your beloved dining room!

Bon appétit!