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A Complete Buying Guide for Online Mattress 2021 | Prime Furniture

Learn the 12 things you should know before shopping for a mattress.

In the past, sleep is a mystery to many scholars. Thanks to research, they found some (yes, some! because it is still a big ball of mystery) of the empowering benefits of having a sound sleep at night.

The sleep expert, Mark Wu, from John Hopkins, busted the myth about the dormancy of the brain and body during sleep. The period of sleep engaged the brain to perform several activities necessary to live. Terry Cralle, the author of  Sleeping Your Way To The Top, supported that the quality of life you lead depends on how well you sleep at night.

Wow! Sleep is a serious matter. Having a nice rest in the arms of Morpheus is a determinant of how well you can do the following day as it helps in many ways like:

    • Brain Plasticity - A good amount of sleep vitalizes the ability of the brain to change based on your experiences. You can adapt to a new set of information with ease when the neurons in your brain keep on firing together as they had the time to recalibrate and communicate the night before. 

    • Housekeeping role of Toxins Removal - Studies show that sleep is a housekeeper who removes the accumulated toxins in the brain during the waking hours.

The list of health perks goes on and on because there is a strong connection between health and sleep. The latter can alleviate depression, seizures, high blood pressure, and migraines; and strengthen immunity and metabolism. The Irish saying never goes wrong - A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures for anything. 

Tips for a Good-Night Sleep

Here are some tips to get a safe and sound sleep

    • Have a regular sleeping pattern. Wake up and go to bed around the same time every day.

    • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes before bedtime.

    • Avoid daytime naps.

    • Make sure your sleeping chamber is perfect for a night full of rest. 

Let us dwell on the last tip. How can we have a sleeping chamber that can give you the healthy amount of sleep you need?

A quiet and dark room with a controlled temperature is essential to a sleep-inducing room. Also, one of the optimal factors in creating your sleeping space is a good mattress.  It is an investment that can change almost everything, even how you feel about yourself every morning.

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That is why we have put together a list of the twelve most important things you should consider before getting yourself a new mattress. Knowing these things will give you a better idea of who you are as a sleeper, which is crucial in purchasing the perfect mattress for you.

What is a good mattress?

A good mattress provides comfort and support. Cralle explained to Forbes, "Comfort is the ability of a mattress to spread body weight over the sleep surface to relieve pressure points. The pressure of 32 mmHg or lower is considered pressure relieving. Support is its ability to maintain spinal alignment while you sleep."

They suggested that a good mattress is, "supportive enough to keep the body properly aligned while sleeping; comfortable enough to be relaxing; and large enough for you and your bed partner to move around easily."

Always remember, a good mattress is purely subjective. It might be good for you but not for others because each sleeper has different needs and profile like sleeping position, weight, age, ailments, and sexual activity. 

So, in choosing your mattress, there are several considerations you need to think about. But you don't have to worry, I will guide you in your cradle acquiring journey.

1. Mattress Firmness

Firmness is the degree of softness and hardness you feel when you lie on your mattress. It is the standard measurement of its ability to cushion multiple pressure points in your body, including shoulders, back, buttocks, and hips.

Manufacturers use materials for the appropriate comfort system. Most of the time, you may associate firmness with support. Is firmness the same as support? The answer is that they are two different features. Mattress support refers to its faculty to maintain the neutral spinal alignment of your body. It simply means right firmness cannot guarantee you the appropriate support and likewise. The million-dollar question now is: what is the right firmness for you?

 The Firmness Scale

The firmness scale table gives you an idea of the right firmness of the mattress.

Mattress Firmness Scale by Prime Furniture

Source: "Your Guide to Mattress Firmness." Ecosa. July 1, 2018.

 How to choose the right firmness of mattress?

As mentioned earlier, the mattress selection for your bedroom is a subjective, personal journey. Bedding may be soft for you but not for your bed partner. Here is another table to guide you on your selection based on your sleeping position and weight.

Mattress Firmness Scale by Prime Furniture

You also have to consider if you have chronic back pain. You should be very particular in selecting the right firmness as it can determine how perfect your sleep is.

Professor Ahmed Radwan, in 2015, together with other scholars, authored a systematic review of the effect of different mattress designs on promoting sleep quality, pain reduction, and spinal alignment. Many researchers suggested that a good mattress for back pain is medium-firm mattresses which provide reduced back pain and improved sleep quality. 

 2. Mattress Responsiveness

Comfort Sleep Mattresses

The Mattress Advisor defines this feature as "the rapidity and degree to which a mattress responds to motion or pressure. The faster a mattress adjusts to your movements, the more responsive it is."

Of course, if you are a combo sleeper who likes to change positions now and then, it is crucial to choose a mattress that can support your movement without sacrificing comfort. An adequately responsive mattress contours and adjusts according to your body weight as you move around. It allows the mattress to cradle your frame sufficiently while still not being too stiff.

One bed activity can challenge the responsiveness of the mattress. 

 Sex and the Mattress

"When you think about beds, two things probably come to mind: sleep and sex," Cralle explained. Sometimes a mattress can be good for sleep but not for sex. So, it is equally important to consider your sexual activities when buying a mattress. 

Responsiveness and sinkage are the most important features you may consider if you are buying a mattress. Sleep Foundation suggested, "Mattresses that are responsive and bouncy make movement easier, while those that absorb motion can make it more challenging."

They recommended and rated the firmness range of a mattress for your lovemaking activity. 

Sex and the Mattress Firmness Guide

3. Mattress Temperature: Are you a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper?

Best Cooling Mattress Pads of 2021

A hot sleeper does not use blankets to feel comfortable. You are naturally warm. On the other hand, a cold sleeper is sensitive to cold air and has frequent shivering wake-ups. Of course, the temperature is essential in having a sound sleep. You would not want to wake up drenched in sweat or to shiver like you have a fever.

If you are a hot sleeper, choose a mattress with body-hugging qualities, a pocketed coil system for more airflow, and breathable properties that allow more air circulation throughout the foam.

If you are a cold sleeper, buy a mattress with fewer air channels, like memory foam. It can retain heat and create a warm sleeping surface.

4. Mattress Size and Thickness

Before purchasing a new mattress, you should ascertain the specific size and thickness most suitable for you. Keep in mind the measurement dimensions of your bed for the appropriate sizing of the mattress. In Australia, there are seven dimensions, which suit your needs if you are sleeping alone or with a partner. 

Australian Bed Sizes

On the other hand, you should determine the thickness of the mattress you’ll buy depending on the comfort you seek, the level of usage, as well as the length of time you expect to use the mattress.

Thicker mattresses are more preferable if you are not going to use a bed at the moment.

5. Mattress Minimal Motion Transfer

Few things are as disruptive as having a partner who keeps tossing and turning all night till daybreak.

And the straw that breaks the camel’s back? A mattress that transmits all those movements and vibrations, letting you feel every single time your partner moves a limb.

2021 Best Mattresses for Couples

For light sleepers, this might make them lose sleep entirely. That is why you must get a mattress specifically designed to minimize motion transfer and cancel out vibrations.

To achieve this, manufacturers use an elaborate system of individually encased coils and the appropriate foam. When balanced well, this combination allows users to get mattresses that efficiently absorb movements and vibrations.

One can then sleep comfortably without having to endure the motion disturbances of a partner. 

 6. Mattress Edge Support

Have you experienced turning around the bed and felt like you were rolling off a cliff once you got close to its edge? While the prospect of falling off your mattress is not as dangerous as falling off a cliff, the feeling is scary, and your heart is guaranteed to skip a beat.

That is why you need to get yourself a mattress with excellent edge support. What is edge support, and why is it important?

Edge support is the sturdiness and stability of the perimeters of the foam. Stable edges can eliminate the risk of falling and getting injured when you suddenly moved to the sides of the bed. This way, you can lie close to the edge of the bed without the fear of rolling off.

Besides, a mattress with sturdy edge support allows you to take up as much surface area of the mattress as you want, whether you are using it for sleep or sexual activities. You can sit on the bed while putting on your socks and shoes, or if you need time to stand up from bed because of back pain and alike.

Firm Edge Support Memory Foam Mattress Upgrade |

7. Mattress Support to Natural Spine Alignment

Among the most pertinent complaints that arise from using low-quality mattresses are body aches. These pains occur due to the foam not supporting the natural alignment of the spine. Shop for a new mattress that will allow your body to line up in a proper posture. 

7 Best Mattresses With a Free Sleep Trial (2021 Discounts)

Back and stomach sleepers need foam that aligns the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, and neck joints.  The sinkage is enough for the back and the stomach.  

Back Sleeper Correct Spinal Alignment

Side sleepers need to make sure that the hips and shoulders are properly aligned.

Side Sleepers Correct Spinal Alignment
Source: Nikki. "Considering posture when choosing a new mattress." The Natural Sleep Store. August 15, 2017.


8. The quality and longevity of the mattress

Acquiring a new mattress is always an exciting moment. It heralds the beginning of a new and better sleeping experience and fills you with anticipation.

However, a mattress is not an item that you buy every other week, like your groceries. Many sleep experts will tell you that a good sleeping foam is an investment because selecting a high-quality mattress will last for a longer time. It will allow you to enjoy high-quality sleep for longer without going through the inconvenience of searching for a replacement just because you chose a low-quality mattress.

9. What do other users feel about the product?

Google Product Reviews Update Goes Live in Search Results

Even though your personal preferences should precede other opinions, it does not hurt to find out how others feel about the mattress you intend to purchase.

Reviews influence the buying behavior of many customers. They can help you with purchasing decisions. They say the best teacher is experience. But it is wiser to learn from the experiences of other people. Reviews allow you to get a glimpse of how your sleeping experience will be before buying a futon.

Therefore, it is advisable to read through product reviews and gather relevant information. Establish whether the sentiments expressed are helpful. Then, make the right decision.

10. The affordability of your desired mattress

affordable-icon - Convergence Instruments


Because of just how important getting a good mattress is for the quality of your sleep, it is best not to get too absorbed in the cost. It is way better to spend a couple of extra bucks but gets quality, comfortable sleep for the next 7 to 10 years rather than save a few coins and wake up with a backache every morning.

However, the fact that price should not get in the way of the quality of mattress you choose does not mean that there are no price considerations to make.
Affordability is a critical factor when purchasing your new mattress.

This way, you can gauge the utility and the period you will use the mattress against its current price and see if it is worth it.

If you feel you cannot afford the mattress at the moment, you can save for it, seek more affordable sellers, or trade-off some features and get alternatives that are similar but cost less.

11. Only go for mattresses made from safety certified materials

Safety Icon PNG & Download Transparent Safety Icon PNG Images for Free -  NicePNG


Far from the relieving ability and utility of a mattress, there are also health and safety standards that you should pay attention to when making a new purchase.

Some manufacturers use materials that contain substances such as mercury, lead, and phthalates.

Some may also contain volatile organic compounds. These substances are harmful to your health and can also affect indoor air quality.

Purchase mattresses that have been certified safe by independent laboratories. 

12. The mattress’s accompanying policies

Mattress Return and Warranty Policy

Individual qualities and features are not the only things to look for when shopping for a mattress. Other intangibles such as trial periods, warranty, and return policy are all factors that can either make your mattress shopping experience better or otherwise.

Tests made on-site may not give you a feel of the sleeping experience on a mattress accurately. A trial period is helpful in such a situation as it allows you to go and use the product.

You can then return the mattress if you realize it does not fulfill your individual preferences. Warranty policies differ for various foams by various sellers. It is critical to read and know the extent of damage allowed under your specific warrant policy.

You should also read and understand the specific conditions required to return the product.

Mattress Maintenance Tips

Of course, like anything else, your mattress needs your TLC. As a general rule of thumb, the life expectancy of a mattress is 5-10 years. But no matter how luxurious it is, it also requires maintenance, like how a car needs to change oil or an air conditioner must change filters once in a while. 

  • Rotate your mattress

Most manufacturers design the mattress that you can rotate end to end every two weeks for four months and then every three to six months. You can prevent a worn and torn foam as well as a saggy futon if you do this.

But of course, always check the recommendations of your manufacturer for the flipping instructions. Some types of mattresses do not need rotation because of the designated zones and built-in pillows. 

  • Wash the beddings

There are times when you go straight to bed after some activities like cleaning, walking, or drinking alcoholic beverages to rest. Sweat, dust, body oils transfer to your pillows and bedsheets. Allergens, dust, and insects can also accumulate in it.

Washing them every week is a hygienic practice, especially you have direct contact with them every night. For other bedding, deterge them accordingly. Douse duvet covers once or twice a month, comforters and blankets every 2 to 3 months and pillow inserts every 4 to 6 months. 

  • Use mattress protector

If you have limited time to do the laundry or go to the laundry shop, you may purchase a mattress protector. It is a water-resistant barrier that protects your mattress from sweat, body oils and juices, dust, allergens, and even accidental spills when you have your romantic breakfast in bed. Keep in mind that stains would void the validity of the mattress warranty.

In conclusion...

Marc Warren said, "Apparently, if you live until 75, you will have spent 25 years in bed, so it makes sense to have a decent mattress."

Your bedroom is a haven. More than aesthetics, functionality is essential. Your mattress should be a source of relaxation, luxury, and convenience. It should enable you to get high-quality sleep each night so you can wake up feeling energized, rejuvenated, and ready to seize the day. A perfect sleep at night is impossible without the most appropriate mattress for you. 

Shopping for mattresses online might be a daunting endeavor for you. But with the information at hand, the nitty-gritty of the buying process would come as an easy task. Your sleeping behavior, your preferences, and your needs will lead you to buy the best mattress. And if ever you have a sleeping buddy, do not forget to ask them, too.  To further help you, use this worksheet for evaluating the mattress you like.

Your Guide Before Buying a Mattress by Prime Furniture

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