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The Ultimate Guide to Styling a French Provincial Style Bedroom

The French provincial style of décor is inspired by the Sun King era. This was a period where ornate and luxurious interior furnishing was a symbol of status and wealth.

This particular style was formed as a blend of the décor in houses of the urban elite and their counterparts in rural France.

As a result, it has a signature vintage quality that fuses elegance with muted sophistication.

It is this subtle but classy aesthetic that makes the French provincial style a good choice for your bedroom décor.

It allows you to create an elegant, luxurious ambiance without being too ostentatious. 

How do you style your bedroom in French provincial style?

Decorating your bedroom in the French provincial manner is not an exorbitant affair. With a modest budget, you can still mimic this classic method of interior décor.

What is crucial is the technique with which you select and execute the characteristic elements of this style.

The following is a detailed, guide of how you can recreate the magic of provincial France and make your bedroom a homely but elegant sanctuary you will always look forward to being in;

Pay attention to the choice and coordination of your colors

We give color precedence in this guide because color is an integral component of the vintage, rustic aesthetic that is characteristic of the French provincial décor style.

With the goal being to achieve tastefully restrained elegance, the preferred color scheme is of neutral, pastel hues.

This is especially so for the walls which act as a canvas upon which the rest of the room’s details are structured.

The main advantage of using such a color palette is that it lays a visual foundation upon which you can easily experiment with items of other colors without ruining the overall classic quality of the room.

The subdued, neutral-color walls also effectively bring out that unique provincial aesthetic as they imitate the general color texture of the rural landscape outside.

Therefore, painting your walls in a neutral color, whether warm or cool, is an essential step in the French provincial style.

Select the appropriate headboard for your bed

The bed is oftentimes the first item you see when you enter any bedroom. However, it is the headboard that is most likely to grab the interest of your eye because of its visible prominence.

As such, it is a key consideration to make when employing the French provincial style as it will greatly influence your room’s rustic attitude and structure.

All you have to do is ensure the headboard’s individual qualities blend with the rest of the room seamlessly.

You can experiment with various styles like;

  • Vintage headboards
  • Barn wood headboards
  • Tufted headboards
  • Floral upholstery headboards.
  • Gingham upholstery headboards.

The type of headboard you’ll choose depends on several factors including the type of bed you want whether it’s a canopy bed, sleigh bed, or four-poster bed.

In the case of a four-poster bed, bed curtains can be used to further enhance the royal theme of the décor style.

Carefully and strategically combined with other elements, you can use your bed’s headboard to achieve that rustic, vintage appeal of a French provincial-style bedroom.

Use your beddings to add to the royal appeal of your room

As noted earlier, the bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom. As such, it has to be imposingly elegant and regal in its appearance. This not only applies to the bedhead but your beddings as well.

Therefore, use bedding fabric that creates a homely and intimate atmosphere. Like in the case of curtains, linen and cotton are suitable fabric options.

Woven wool can also work well. You have the latitude to explore various themes for your sheets and comforters as well.

Snow white and floral-patterned themes are workable color schemes for your beddings. However, white is much more reliable as it has that elegant aura that is also warm and inviting.

For maximum effect, you can use layered beddings to give your bed texture and a more solid and robust appearance.

To give the bed more character, you can add layers of pillows of different sizes in cases that match with the other beddings or that blend well with them.

Cultured, antique furniture is indispensable

It is not possible to speak of the French provincial style and indeed any other classic décor design without mentioning furniture.

This is because furniture pieces are the single most influential items in creating that rustic, vintage aesthetic you seek.

They embody that aged, classic value through their color and structural design.

Therefore, ensure that you pick several tasteful vintage furniture pieces to achieve your desired French provincial aesthetic.

From your bedside tables, shelves, and benches to the console tablecoffee table, chaise lounge, or love chair, you can explore various vintage colors and designs.

Most of these antique pieces are found in deep brown colors or weathered hues that bring out that aged aesthetic.

However, remember the fact that a piece of furniture is antique doesn’t automatically make it a good candidate for your bedroom.

Always select pieces with an overall vision of how they will fit and blend into the general color and structural scheme of your room.

Hang curtains made in fabric and colors that support the theme

Besides the paint and furniture, fabric is the other critical element that significantly defines a French provincial aesthetic.

This makes curtains a central component to the overall styling of your bedroom.

To best achieve that provincial aesthetic, use curtains made from linen as it is a traditional staple.

In the case you cannot easily access linen curtains, cotton curtains are also a functional alternative you can use.

When it comes to the color of your curtains, the French provincial style is not very restrictive. You can experiment with gentle, pastel hues or take a bolder approach.

Colors like purple, blue, white, and cream are workable solutions. For a more country feel, you can also experiment with floral patterned curtains.

To further enhance your window section’s elegance, you can use a beautiful, gilded valance. Pleated curtains also offer better visual texture and subtle elegance that many love.

If you go about it the right way, your curtains can be the most imposing highlight of your entire room.

Chandeliers are hanging strokes of elegance

The French provincial style is heavily inspired by the interior décor of France’s provincial aristocrats.

As such, it contains many ornate elements that all fuse together to project a stately regal aura. And when it comes to all matters regal, always think chandeliers.

Candelabras may provide lighting to a room but it goes without saying that their allure lies in their ornate design.

They are effective in imbuing a room with a sleek and classy effect that normal lighting mechanisms cannot replicate. They also help to break the monotony of the ceiling design.

As such, we dare say chandeliers are a no-brainer if you are considering styling your bedroom in the French provincial style.

They will serve as a centerpiece that will balance off the color profile of the rest of your room.

You can play around with different colors including silver, grey, or gilded chandeliers. They are versatile and can easily blend into the dominant scheme of the rest of the items in your room.

You can also choose from crystal, globe, cluster, glass, or candle chandeliers.

How about a lampshade or two?

Just like chandeliers, lampshades are made to be used for lighting but are even better when used for decoration.

They may not provide a lot of any rustic quality to your room but they possess that classic aura of eras gone past that will greatly enhance your overall décor.

Unlike before, there are many more lampshades that come in well, different shades and colors.

You can base your choice of one on your bedroom’s overall color scheme as well as the shade of lighting you will love and be most comfortable with.

Use wall mirrors to add to the flare of your décor

Mirrors may be a household staple in modern décor for bedrooms. However, they have always been a distinguishing item of classical interior design.

This is especially so in how their shape and frames embody the antique aesthetic of history’s most defining eras in interior décor.

Therefore, you can never go wrong with mirrors if you employ the right technique in selecting and mounting them. They can be placed over dressing tables, beside the bed above a bedside table, or be embedded on the armoire.

Purely decorative mirrors can be mounted directly above the headboard. Their framing can be silver, wooded, or gilded in ornate designs to provide an accent to the room as well.

Therefore, take advantage of both the functional and decorative aspects of mirrors to achieve your desired goal of a French provincial-style bedroom.

Don’t forget that the flooring matters too

It is easy to get lost in the details of French provincial décor and forget a foundational aspect of this particular design; the floor. Just because we step upon it doesn’t mean we have to ignore it.

To have flooring with character, explore options from wood panel flooring to marble tiled floors and strip flooring. Parquetry lets your floors have more vibrancy and presence.

To top it all off, experiment with various rugs whether wool or bamboo viscose blend rugs to give your room more character and exotic culture.

All this will go a long way in making it possible to recreate that enviable French provincial style in your bedroom.

It never gets much better than with a fireplace

From the prehistoric days when humans were still living non-sedentary lifestyles, the fireplace has always been an essential part of our lives.

Playing the functional role of providing warmth and serving as a center for communion, the fireplace transcended that and became an integral component of interior décor.

A fireplace gives any room structural quality and serves as a center around which other items like furniture are organized.

However, it is the fact that a fireplace creates a rustic, vintage aura that makes it most suitable for use in a French provincial-style bedroom.

Depending on how they are styled, fireplaces can provide useful aesthetic accents as well.

Therefore, a fireplace is a good consideration to make if you are seeking to recreate a French provincial-style bedroom aesthetic.

In case you are moving into a house that has no inbuilt fireplace you can always achieve the look with a faux mantle. This can either be bought or built.

Add some flowers to complete the aesthetic

The French provincial design mainly embodies the vintage room setup while mimicking aspects of the landscape outside as much as possible.

And what better way of bringing a piece of nature from outside back into your bedroom than with flowers?

With these, you have a lot of leeway when it comes to your choice of color.

This is because there are different flowers with multiple color combinations that make them easy to fit into the visual scheme of your décor.

Also, you can choose to use real flowers or artificial ones.

While the range from which you can select appropriate flowers for your room is essentially infinite, lavender, peonies, roses, and hydrangea are easy options to start with.

You can then place these flowers anywhere from atop the bureau, on the bedside tables, or above the fireplace.

Ensure the flowers are put in ornate vases which can provide an accent and an exotic streak to the room.

Besides flowers, you can also use other potted plants to further enhance your French provincial bedroom aesthetic.

Restyle your sanctuary today

The bedroom is a very special room both symbolically and functionally. It is the most intimate and private room where we all retire to rest or have some personal time.

As such, the bedroom needs to be a calm, peaceful sanctuary that is beautifully designed to offer optimal comfort and luxury.

And what better way of achieving this than by emulating the French provincial style and using it to turn your bedroom into a stylish, debonair paradise?

Try it out today! And if you need to explore some furniture, click to browse through more elegant high-quality furniture available.