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What to look for in buying Australian Made Mattress? Hear what the expert says.

Did you know that the 2021 consumer research done by Roy Morgan revealed that 93% of Australians prefer to buy goods and products that are "made in Australia?" And Bedbuyer survey showed that 80% of the participants have a preference for a mattress made in Australia. 

CEO of Roy Morgan, Michele Levine, explained that one major factor of this upsurge is the closure of borders and travel restrictions due to the pandemic. Well, despite the scary setbacks of the health crisis, there are at least some positive effects.

Meanwhile, Ben Lazarro of Australian Made recognized that this manifests the priority Australians have for self-sustenance and employment to avow the enduring prosperity of the country. He suggested that this preference is due to the association of the iconic kangaroo logo with safe and high-quality products, ethical labor, and sustainability. How wonderful! It is a piece of good news!

Australian Made Logo

The population preference for Australian-made products reveals their desire to support local businesses. They are aware of how their spending habits can affect the economy, and therefore they have been working towards shopping more sustainably.

The mattress industry felt this growing preference over Australian-made products. Bedbuyer, one of the leading independent mattress review sites in the country, conducted an online survey about the sleeping and bedding practices of the Aussies. It unveiled that 80% of the participants have a preference for a mattress made in Australia.

Bed Buyer Online Survey

Source: "Australia's Largest Sleep and Bedding Survey," Bedbuyer, November 10.

Another reason why people prefer buying locally manufactured mattresses rather than imported ones is former provides a wide variety of choices for clients. Mattress manufacturers in Australia make sure they offer all kinds of options to buyers, such as size, materials, and price range.

Of course, a plethora of choices is fun! However, Barry Schwartz, a psychologist and author of The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less believes it is not. Being presented with many options can be overwhelming and can make the decision process a lot more difficult than having to choose between two choices. Too many choices limit your freedom to know what is best for you. He says,

"Learning to choose is hard. Learning to choose well is harder. And learning to choose well in a world of unlimited possibilities is harder still, perhaps too hard."

It is why taking time (e.g., one hour) to properly research mattresses will save you from further stress later on when it is time for you to buy one. A choice architecture will help you in making the right decision. Be the maximizer who only seeks out the maximum utility of an outcome in making decisions.

Okay, so how does one design the architecture of choosing the best Australian-made mattress? One way is to consult the advice of an expert. There might be mattress myths that you would hear. But it is essential to listen from an objective and precise perspective so you would never have to deal with a bad mattress that only caused you unhappiness, discomfort, and body pains.

To help you with your mattress journey, Prime Furniture sought advice from one of the leading mattress manufacturers in Australia. Tanel Paabo, the Mattress Expert from Comfort Sleep, shared his tips in looking out for the best Australian-made mattress for your perfect sleep.

What online mattress should I buy?

You must not take mattress shopping for granted. There are health and life-performance risks that are scientifically proven associated with a bad mattress and sleep practices.

"In order to find the right mattress for you, it is necessary to have in mind some parameters," says Paabo.

  1. Your Body Type: Your height and weight will be useful to have an idea regarding the size and feel you might need, which will provide the support and comfort expected.

  2. Pets & People: Another important consideration is if the bed is for a single person, a couple, or even if you are considering sharing the bed with your pets.

  3. Medical Considerations: On the other hand, common situations like hotness while sleeping or potential pains after waking up will give some insights into why choosing a mattress over the other.

  4. Firmness: Understanding the type of feel that most suits you will be essential, too. If you like a soft/plush feel or, on the contrary, you might want a bit more firmness. (Medium or Firm feel). 

  5. Price: The value for money will be another thing to consider as they are offers in the market. You will need to define the budget that will be suitable to spend injuries and pains.

If you are having a hard time remembering this, you may use this checklist to back you up.

Can a bad mattress cause neck and back pain?

Paabo explained that in some situations, the wrong amount of support provided by the mattress or the need to change an old mattress that has been used for a long time cause back and neck pain.

"Depending on how a mattress is built, it could be supportive and minimize the risk of aches and pains, ensuring good body contouring and comfort."

Pressure Points for Different Sleeping Positions

To avoid aches, it is best to choose a mattress that can keep your pressure points aligned.
Source: Joanne Chen, "The Best Mattresses for Back Pain," Wirecutter, February 18, 2021.

A mattress that is worn out and has thinned over time could cause the individuals to sink in, leading to pain when they roll around. This can also happen due to not having a firm enough mattress which can result in back and neck aches. It is recommended that you should replace your old mattress every five years or so for this reason alone.

What mattress firmness should I choose?

"There is no perfect feel for everybody," Paabo reminds you that mattress shopping is a personal journey. "It is very much a personal preference. Some people sleep well on a soft mattress, while others prefer it to be much harder. It also depends on sleeping habits.

Rule of thumb: When people tend to sleep on their back or stomach, it is recommended to go for a firmer bed. For people who like to sleep on their sides, it is recommended to pick a medium to soft mattress so the body weight can be distributed evenly."

There are mattresses on the market that can be adjusted for firmness to accommodate different sleeping needs. These adjustable beds and mattresses make it easy to adjust how you sleep. It means you will not have to buy an adjustable mattress if your partner prefers a different level of comfort.

Mattress Ideal Spine Support

Source: Joanne Chen, "The Best Mattresses for Back Pain," Wirecutter, February 18, 2021.

What mattress has minimal partner disturbance?

It is a great feature for a sleeper who has a sleeping buddy. Both of you have different sleeping sketches and comfort needs. There are dual comfort beds and mattresses that allow both to sleep the way they like without disturbing each other.

Paabo suggests, "If you are looking for a mattress that neutralizes partner disturbance, it is essential to look for a mattress with an individual pocket coil system. The spring is individually wrapped into little pockets that will only move where the pressure takes place. Add into on pocket on the pocket."

Also, you may consider latex foam which has a material made from rubber. It has elasticity and shock-absorbing properties.

What mattress is not too hot and not too cold?

The most common complaint about memory foam mattress is that it gets too hot. Ironically, the responses also include the fact that people overheat when they sleep on latex foam mattresses. On the other hand, this problem can be solved with a gel memory foam mattress that has an infusion of gel to keep you cool.

Comfort Sleep Emporio Technology - Gel Form X

Moreover, different mattresses could provide thermoregulation properties, control the temperature of the body and moisture to make the night’s sleep more pleasant. Paabo ensures that all Comfort Sleep mattresses are made of breathable comfort foams and fabrics to ensure a stable sleeping temperature during the night. Besides, there are special technologies that can be used to build the mattress to prevent overheating such as Senslce, Phase Change Materials, and hybrid comfort foams.

"It is important to know that mattresses are not designed to cool you down, but they are engineered to maintain your body temperature. When a person is naturally warm-blooded, the technologies will not cool you down but help to keep the temperature at the same level that is proven to improve sleep," Paabo added.

What mattresses do chiropractors/experts suggest?

A chiropractor is a registered health practitioner who treats the musculoskeletal system (muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints). Spinal manipulation is the main treatment used by chiropractors. If you have back pain or neck pain, you may probably need to see a chiropractor. This is the reason they are one of the consultants among the many mattress review sites.

Chiropractors will recommend a mattress that provides correct spinal alignment, ensuring healthy and good quality of sleep.

Mattresses that are built with pocket spring systems will provide this type of alignment, making sure that the areas that need more support to receive it and the rest of the body could get a softer and more relaxing feeling. A mattress' softness and firmness level is an important factor, as it will provide relief to the body parts that need it most.


Comfort Sleep Emporio Pocket Coil System

"A body-contouring zone mattress will provide support and comfort while minimizing partner disturbance when the springs are wrapped into individual pockets," Paabo recommends.

What are mattresses made of?

Mattresses are made by combining different comfort layers that will result in a supportive rather comfortable bed. It is a combination of new technologies for the top fabric that will vary depending on the model.

Apart from the top layer, the design will consider layers based on foams, in some cases the gel, that will provide the plush or soft feeling and will allow the reduction of partner disturbance and increase the body contouring, making the transition in the bed smoother.

As mentioned previously, the spring pocket system will be the last element, making sure the bed is supportive and stable. Depending on the thickness of the spring, the feel of the bed will change from plush to medium or firm.

Is 'mattress-in-a-box' worth it? What  are the pros and cons?

There is a new trend in buying a mattress that you may receive in a box. It is a compressed, vacuum-sealed mattress that can fit into a box. It provides the same support and warranty as a regular mattress does.

The advantage of buying a mattress in a box, especially if you live in an apartment, is that it makes for easy delivery right at your doorstep and can be carried all by yourself to your bedroom. It also limits the time spent carrying heavy mattresses from one floor to another.

Paabo further explained that even though it is designed to offer good comfort and support, if you are experiencing back pains or are after more premium comfort, the mattress in a box will not meet those expectations.

What should I be looking for in a mattress that would last forever?

Good quality mattresses are designed to last at least for their warranty period. It is important to consider the materials used in the mattresses such as springs and high-density comfort foams. However, after long years of use, all mattresses get a bit of wear and tear which is a sign for a replacement of the mattress.

To make your mattress lasts up to its life span, you may rotate the mattress if it is designed to be flipped, wash the beddings, and use mattress protector.

What mattresses do 5-star hotels use?

Five-star hotels want mattresses that add value to the experience of the customer. The feel, the design, and the whole mattress itself must represent their values and brand positioning, as well as ensure their guests remember how amazing was to stay in their beds.

That would drive more customers to them, creating word of mouth that will go further than just the name of the hotel.

In line with this aim, Crown Hotel, the most prestigious in Australia, has been using mattresses made by Comfort Sleep. In 2020, Bed Buyer recognized the Crown Hotel Mattress as Best Hotel Mattress of the Year.

Bedbuyer says, “The overall build quality of the Crown Hotels Mattress is superb. It uses quality materials and its finishings are of a high standard. Partner disturbance on the Crown Hotels Mattress is very minimal and the edge support is excellent, thanks to the special ‘EdgeBoost’ technology. It’s worth noting that the foams used in this mattress are certified by GECA as non-toxic. The mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty.”

Comfort Sleep is an Australian made mattress, designed with technology to ensure comfort, spinal alignment, and relieving pains on the pressure points.

Crown Hotel Mattress

Comfort Sleep Mattress Technology

  • Contour Tech 5 Zone Pocket Spring System

Featuring quality Contour Tech™ 5, our 5 zoned pocket spring system offers targeted support throughout your mattress. Individual pocket springs produce advanced body contouring and comfort while providing minimal partner disturbance throughout the night.

  • Edge Boost Foam Box Encasement

An ultra firm, HD high resilient foam box encasement surrounding the inner springs. The Crown Hotels Mattress offers a 100% sleeping surface & eliminate the saggy mattress side. The Crown Hotels Mattress has the firmest & most durable foam box construction on the market

  • Progressive Comfort Technology

Combined triple layer of High Density premium comfort foam with different firmness in the comfort layer(s). Provides a smooth transition in feel, offering the perfect balance of support and comfort. These foams have been certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia). This combination was specifically engineered for Crown Hotels to ensure a healthy and refreshing sleep.

  • Quiltec

A premium comfort layer, Quiltec™ is an ultra resilient material with thermo-regulating properties to provide an optimal body temperature for a better nights sleep.

  • High Quality Knit

Featuring a high quality premium knitted fabric for a luxurious look and feel, while proving better overall comfort.

Just a reminder, there is no universal perfect mattress for everyone. There is only the best mattress for you. Like experts say, buying a mattress is a personal journey. You have to honor your personal preferences first before choosing among the many mattresses you can buy online. One way for you to recognize the perfect mattress for your good night's sleep is what makes a mattress a good or a bad one.

Good Mattress vs Bad Mattress by Prime Furniture

Are Australian Made Mattresses worth it?

The way mattresses are designed, and the materials used to produce them are high quality, and most of the Australian suppliers are innovating and changing the products to improve the quality of sleep and comfort.

Another thing to consider when buying Australian made is the benefit for these companies and their employees, impacting positively Australian economy.
Having an Australian-made mattress will guarantee that the quality of the products is exceptional, and it would be easier to get access to the warranty as well.

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